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Our mission & community

We are building Citizens of Tajigen for the self aware, the curious, and the non-conformists: the enthusiasts & creators at the forefront of web3 and DeFi. We’re creating a community of thinkers, builders and changemakers.

Our mission is to grow an authentic digital identity brand for everyone who is passionate about blockchain technology and the progress it enables. Representing yourself digitally as a Citizen of Tajigen says much about you and your beliefs. It is a knowing look, a tip of the hat, a secret handshake that says: we’re here to build the best future possible.


We are inspired by novels and movies like 1984, Matrix, Equilibrium, Inception and Blade Runner, which ask important questions: What makes us human? What does it mean to be free? How is technology shaping our future? What’s the best version of that future? How can we make sure technology works for us, and not against us?